Why do you need to address gender and sexuality in educational settings?

Gender identity and sexual identity are central components of development for all PreK-12 children and adolescents.

Teachers and counselors regularly attend to the cognitive, emotional, social and physical growth of their students but lack the training to address their gender identity and sexual identity in a developmentally appropriate and pedagogically sound manner.

Regardless of their age and background, students bring their individual/collective experiences and questions about gender and sexuality to school every day.

Gender and sexuality stereotypes disrupt classrooms, recess, friendships and critical thinking.

Teachers need a comprehensive educational framework—Gender and Sexuality Diversity— for engaging with these essential aspects of human identity in their educational setting.

If creating a safe learning environment for every single member of your community is a priority, then you must address Gender and Sexuality Diversity.

We are a small and very connected school community, and we support our kids very well with their emerging gender identity.

We felt that we were very open and supportive, but we also realized at the same time that we might not have all the language that we want around it. We really needed to do some work not only around supporting our own kids but being supportive of all different types of families.

We felt like we knew something, but we knew we didn’t know everything.

Meg TaylorHead of School, Robert C Parker School

Jennifer’s audience feels safe to ask questions of her in order to challenge their own assumptions and, ultimately, come to new understandings about the way schools can comfortably approach the tough topic of students’ sexuality. Jennifer promotes the rights of all children and adolescents to study, learn and grow in caring environments. Any school administrator interested in creating or maintaining such an environment should consider bringing Jennifer on board to help do it right.

Sally L. MixsellHead of School, Stoneleigh-Burnham School