Professional Development

We provide dynamic opportunities for learning about Gender and Sexuality Diversity (GSD) for educational communities, non-profits, and businesses.

Our thoughtful, creative assessment process allows us to meet our clients right where they are. By focusing on the mission of your organization, we contextualize the learning about Gender and Sexuality Diversity in ways that feel relevant, both philosophically and practically.

Contact Team Finch Consultants and tell us about the work you do. We can help you learn and grow in the complex, compelling realm of Gender and Sexuality Diversity (GSD).

Jennifer Bryan is a skilled and energetic facilitator.  She is playful, lively and also highly attuned to the needs of participants.  Her deep understanding of group dynamics allows her to develop experiences that resonate with teams of all types. Jennifer’s flexibility in the moment and keen sense what “learners” need helps her successfully move teams to new understandings, habits and mindsets.  A great listener and collaborator, Jennifer models the “Yes, and . . .” spirit and champions a human-centered approach to working with audiences of all kinds.

Carla Silver Executive Director, Leadership and Design

Jennifer Bryan’s presentation at Harvard University was brilliant. She set just the right tone in engaging the audience in a discussion of important issues surrounding identity, sexuality, and gender. Her talk was extremely well received and we are already planning to invite her back. Using her recent book as focal point for the discussion, Dr. Bryan addressed a group of faculty, doctoral and masters students, and staff. Her delivery was captivating, her knowledge of the field deep, and her understanding of child and adolescent development broad. The audience of educators all agreed that they were better equipped to deal with these issues after hearing from Dr. Bryan. In fact, teachers, education administrators, parents and policy makers should all have the opportunity to engage with Dr. Bryan in these important discussions.

John Collins, former Head Librarian, Monroe Gutman Library/Faculty Member, Harvard Graduate School of Education