NAIS Annual Conference, 2017

Jennifer Bryan is a highly regarded speaker and trainer who brings dynamism, practicality and humor to conference keynotes, plenaries and workshop sessions.

Each aspect of a conference represents a unique opportunity for learning and Jennifer is able to teach effectively across multiple contexts.

Whether you are a national, regional or local organization, Jennifer will provide a lively, relevant perspective on the compelling topic of gender and sexuality diversity.

Dr. Jennifer Bryan has been a mainstay at the TABS Annual Conference for one reason: she’s superb. She consistently earns outstanding evaluations from conference attendees for both content and delivery. As a presenter, Jennifer achieves several rare unions: mastery and amiability, dynamism and insight, clarity and nuance. And as a facilitator and workshop leader, she brings uncommon intelligence and sensitivity to her work and to the people it touches. I recommend her enthusiastically.

Pete Upham, Executive Director, The Association of Boarding Schools

Jennifer Bryan has been the “go-to” professional for ISAS professional development sessions on gender and sexual diversity matters for a number of years. Each time, she has provided enlightening, thought-provoking, and inspiring sessions that have been well-received and appreciated. Intelligent, honorable, prepared, experienced, kind, and discerning, Jennifer employs careful listening and clinical knowledge to inform her respectful and caring engagement with people from wherever they are. She is dead-serious about the accuracy and importance of her subject matter even as she is accessible, open-minded, and refreshingly funny. Our educators have praised her ability to empower and equip them to grapple with hard topics in meaningful ways and to challenge them to view these diversity issues through the prism of their school missions. One ISAS Head had the following takeaway: “When I forget that these issues are about people, it is far too easy to get sidetracked by political, religious, historical baggage. I will remember the child’s words in the film Jennifer shared. “Love is love… don’t turn it into hate.”

Rhonda Durham, Former Executive Director, Independent Schools Association of the Southwest

Since 2009 Jennifer has been a plenary presenter at our Diversity Leadership Institute (DLI) formally known as the Summer Diversity Institute (SDI). NAIS produces a wide range of professional development opportunities, and we are always looking for skilled and knowledgeable presenters on a variety of topics. I can honestly say that Jennifer is one of the best presenters with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working. She never disappoints in delivering presentations that are well prepared, research based and experiential, all with a wonderful sense of humor. Jennifer helps her audience see gender and issues of sexuality through a different lens, one that is more objective and fact based. She opens up minds and creates a better understanding of sensitive issues that are often filled with emotion. In addition, she provides sound, practical advice to educators who are looking for concrete ideas to take back to their communities to help their students. I cannot say enough about Jennifer and the work she does. It has been an honor to know and work with her year after year.

Jay Rapp, Senior Director of Programs, National Association of Independent Schools

The Northwest Association of Independent Schools has been honored to work with Jennifer Bryan in several capacities.  Dr. Bryan first worked with NWAIS as a featured speaker at the 2013 Fall Educators Conference.  Her sessions were standing room only and the feedback could be summarized as, “We are just scratching the surface.  We need more time with Jennifer!”
Through that session and her subsequent full-day workshops, she is helping NWAIS schools wrestle with the complexity of gender and sexuality diversity and how we can best serve all of our students. She is masterful in recognizing that each school’s approach will be rooted in their own unique mission, and she has provided a framework to support their growth, regardless of their starting place. Her approach is honest, thoughtful and thought-provoking. In light of such serious work, with such serious consequences for students, her humor supports an environment that welcomes mistakes and missteps, which we can all expect to make along the way.
I recommend her without reservation, and hope that you have the opportunity to work with her.  We look forward to engaging her services and expertise again in the future. Her work will continue to impact the work of the Association for many years to come.

Emily McGrath, Director of Professional Development, Northwest Association of Independent Schools