NYSAIS Conference

This is the third year in a row that Jennifer Bryan and  Deborah Roffman (author of Talk to Me First) are facilitating “Sex, Gender and Sexuality: Educating Students, Supporting Families, and Creating Safer School Communities,” a popular 3-day residential conference for NYSAIS on January 13-16, 2016.

Workshop for the Association of Delaware Valley Independent Schools

Jennifer presented a workshop titled “Gender and Sexuality Diversity in preK-12: Exploring Frameworks, Values & Practice” for ADVIS at The Conference Center at Penn State Great Valley in Malvern, PA on January 11, 2016.

4 to 14 Speaker Series: Parenting Elementary School Kids

Jennifer will be a featured speaker at the Brookwood School’s 4 to 14 Speaker Series: Parenting Elementary School Kids on February 10, 2016. Tickets are $10 and are on sale now.

AISGW 2015 Workshop

Jennifer Bryan and Jonathan Wilson will be working with the Association of Independent Schools of the Greater Washington Area on Tuesday, November 10th. Seminar is hosted by Georgetown Day School.


El Dragón Diferente/The Different Dragon in the news

large_news992044_872012Seventh grade student Alba Clarke’s Spanish translation of Jennifer Bryan’s book The Different Dragon, El Dragón Diferente, has been in the news.

From an article on the Shore Country Day School website:

Says author Bryan, “Over the years many people have asked about creating a Spanish version of The Different Dragon” because of its whimsical and kid-friendly story about a family with two moms. “Today, Alba Clarke is my hero. Her desire to translate the book, and her teacher’s willingness to support that effort, finally brought the Spanish version to life.” El Dragón Diferente, featuring Clarke’s translation and illustrations by Danamarie Hosler, was published in August by Two Lives Publishing.

Clarke and Torres worked closely with the language of the story to find words that honored the intention of the original. Clarke is very aware of the transformative power of literature. She says, “The importance of a translated children’s story like The Different Dragon is immense. I hope El Dragón Diferente will bring messages of gay rights and the new roles of children to a very eager Spain.” Read entire story>>

Dana Rudolph mentioned El Dragón Diferente on mombian.com, writing:

In my original review of the tale, I wrote, “The strength of the book is how Bryan perfectly captures the back and forth of storytelling with a young child, with the adult incorporating the child’s suggestions into the narrative.” The Spanish edition, with the same whimsical illustrations by Danamarie Hosler, promises the same delightful adventure to a wider audience. Read entire story>>

Finally, lgbt-news.com included the English version of the book on its list of 10 wonderful children’s books on marriage equality.

Jason Flom’s New Blog Post For Edutopia “Heternormativity In Schools”

Jason Flom is director-elect at Cornerstone Learning Community in Tallahassee, Florida. In his recent blog post for Edutopia’s Education Equity page, Jason references From The Dress Up Corner To the Senior Prom: Navigating Gender and Sexuality Diversity in PreK-12 Schools and highlights several of the major tenets of the book. Click here to read his post, Heteronormativity in Schools.

Gender And Sexualities In Education: A Reader Is Finally Available For Purchase

Gender and Sexualities in Education: A Reader is finally available for purchase. Click here to read Jennifer Bryan’s chapter Tomboys, Sissies and “That’s So Gay”: Exploring Gender and Sexuality Diversity in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. This is an expensive text book but full of first-rate resources, so try to get your hands on a copy. And check the Team Finch Blog for reviews of specific chapters.

Dress Up Corner Reviewed In New APA Journal

In the second issue of Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity, a new journal of the American Psychological Association, Washington and Lee University professor Megan Fulcher reviews From The Dress Up Corner To The Senior Prom: Navigating Gender and Sexuality Diversity in PreK-12 Schools.

Read more

From The Dress Up Corner Featured On Whole Child Blog

Jason Flom is director-elect at Cornerstone Learning Community in Tallahassee, Florida. In his recent blog post for ASCD’s Whole Child Education, Jason references From The Dress Up Corner To the Senior Prom: Navigating Gender and Sexuality Diversity in PreK-12 Schools and highlights several of the major tenets of the book. Click here to read his post, Keeping a Hidden Population Safe.  

Gender And Sexuality Diversity In Pre-K Through 12th Grades: Exploring Frameworks, Values And Practice Workshop

Presenter:          Jennifer Bryan, Ph.D., Psychologist and Educational Consultant of Team Finch Consultants

Children and adolescents naturally adopt a range of identities, expressions, and roles as they grow and navigate the personal, social, and academic world of school. Gender identity and sexual identity are at the heart of this developmental process— from preschool through senior year—yet many educators are unsure about how to engage with these aspects of their students’ experiences. This seminar will provide educators of every stripe (classroom teachers, administrators, advisers, coaches, afterschool program coordinators, nurses, religious instructors, dorm parents, counselors) with language and frameworks for addressing issues of gender and sexuality in Lower, Middle and Upper School.

Participants will have an opportunity to:

  •  learn a highly effective framework for understanding the development of sex, gender and sexuality
  • clarify the educational mission and pedagogical values that guide programs, policy and curricula at schools
  • apply the developmental framework and educational values to actual practice

Whether you are looking for the best way to challenge gender role stereotypes in first grade, disrupt sexist exclusion on the playground, support a Middle School student who is coming out, or confront the hypersexualization of adolescents, these frameworks will help you find an age-appropriate and effective educational approach.

This seminar provides:

  • interactive didactic material
  • film clips of real Pre-K-12 students talking about their experiences in school
  • small group work with school-based scenarios
  • live consultation for issues/situations participants present
  • resource and book lists

Target audience:  Teachers, School Counselors, Deans, Division Leaders,

School Nurses, and Diversity Coordinators

Click here to register