Whether you are a school or an organization, having a common conceptual framework and a shared, accurate language allows you to engage with issues of sex, gender and sexuality in your community.

Conceptual Frameworks

1. Gender and Sexuality Diversity (GSD) is a non-binary framework that encompasses the sexes, genders and sexualities of all people. 

GSD is a developmentally appropriate construct to apply to all people, including children and adolescents, of every age. GSD broadens and contextualizes our understanding of these parts of human identity.

Sex, gender and sexuality:

  • are naturally, inherently diverse aspects of human identity
  • can be complex, fluid and variable
  • are comprised of several inter-related components— identity, expression, behavior
  • exist on distinct, inter-related spectrums
  • are essential aspects of identity for all people

2. School Mission; Organizational Values

For schools, educational mission and pedagogical philosophy are the cornerstones of the entire educational enterprise. Therefore, it is critical to connect GSD work to the philosophy, values and pedagogy behind helping students grow and learn.

With a deeper understanding of gender and sexuality, schools are able to realize their promise of:

• working with the whole child
• preparing students for an increasingly diverse world
• developing critical thinking skills
• fostering respect for differences
• creating communities of mutual consideration and concern
• promoting equity and inclusivity

For organizations, mission and objectives are also critical anchors for GSD education across constituents. With the goal of achieving an equitable work environment in relation to gender and sexuality, TFC can help you:

• train your staff
• shift organizational culture
• create and implement policy
• promote equity and inclusion

Shared Language

Trying to understand the shifting lexicon of gender and sexuality is on ongoing challenge! Learning dictionary definitions alone, however, will not be sufficient for deepening understanding, changing attitudes and influencing behavior. When you ask a community to define our most basic terms, there are a lot of different answers. Let TFC help you navigate this ever-shifting landscape of language.

Jennifer Bryan’s PK-12 Gender and Sexuality Diversity [GSD] framework and language offers our school a dynamic, research-based platform for designing developmentally appropriate curriculum and instruction. We recently hosted Dr. Bryan for a set of workshops for parents, faculty and administrators from private, public,and parochial school across the Twin Cities in an effort to disseminate best practice and build a peer set of schools that share our commitment to GSD work PK-12. Dr. Bryan was the perfect catalyst for pulling that remarkably diverse group of schools and districts together. Across two days and nine different events, she provided compelling, interactive presentations, carefully tailored to each audience that featured warm humor and terrific anecdotes. The result was a set of wildly enthusiastic reviews from parents, teachers, and administrators who remarked about how much they learned and how much more committed they are to doing GSD work moving forward!

Scott Flemming, former Director Office of Equity and Community Engagement, Blake School, Minneapolis, MN