Jennifer Bryan, Ph.D.

Dr. Bryan earned her BA in Creative Writing at Princeton, her masters and doctorate in Counseling Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University and studied for a year at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She began her career teaching English and coaching at The Hotchkiss School, taught briefly at Northfield Mount Hermon School and was a graduate level instructor in Group Theory, Dynamics and Practice in the Counseling Psychology department at Teachers College, Columbia University and at the Smith College School for Social Work in Northampton, MA.

Jennifer did her graduate clinical internship in Psychology at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and a post-doctoral fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, MA. She worked in the Counseling Center at the University of Connecticut in Storrs before opening a private psychotherapy practice in Northampton, MA in 1994. In addition to providing therapy for adults, adolescents, couples, and groups, she offered clinical and organizational consultation to individual schools, local school districts and social service agencies.

She founded Team Finch Consultants and began offering specialized gender and sexuality consultation to PreK-12 schools in 2001.* As these issues have become increasingly relevant in social, political, religious and educational contexts, Jennifer continues to expand and refine her programs for schools and other organizations. Her conceptual and pedagogical models related to gender and sexuality continue to evolve, as she tries to keep pace with the profound and rapid change in this field.

Jennifer is also conducts workshops focused on leadership development, effective communication skills, and working with groups. As a coach, she contributes to the professional development of individuals and groups who want to grow their leadership capacities, improve performance and deepen satisfaction in work well done.

Watch Jennifer’s interview with Barbara Swanson, Director of Professional Development at New York State Association of Independent Schools.

Who is part of Team Finch?

Jennifer is fortunate to have many talented colleagues who increase the ability of TFC to meet a wide range of professional learning needs. Here is a partial list of people and organizations with whom Jennifer has or continues to collaborate.

Winifred Andersen, Analyst

Jordon Balskus, Media Consultant

Sebastian Barr, Ph.D, Consultant

Janah Boccio, LCSW, Consultant

Ryan Burke, Consultant

Eastern Educational Resource Collaborative

Justine Fonte, M.Ed., MPH

Leadership and Design

Joe Mangine, Ph.D., Psychologist

Dave MochelConsultant

Christopher Overtree, Ph.D., Psychologist

Debbie Roffman, Consultant

Ricco Siasoco, Educator

Elise Swinford, Consultant

Third Thought Initiatives for Civic Engagement

Rob Tuckman, MHC, Consultant

Jonathan Wilson, LCSW Consultant

Dave Mochel, Consultant

Jennifer’s capacity to engage a faculty is outstanding. She is so clearly a teacher herself. Her ideas are presented in both an accessible and substantive fashion. She is acutely sensitive to where each teacher is in his or her own growth and, at the same time, keeps everyone’s focus trained on the essential work of developing the skills to make a school safe for ALL children. A day with Jennifer is one that will fill you up with knowledge, provoke your self-awareness, and propel you in your own learning. In our school, Jennifer’s work has been on-going, spanning several years. Her ability to work with all constituenices – parents, trustees, faculty and students – and to generate an evolving process of both individual and institutional growth is impressive.

Ralph Wales, Head of School, Gordon School, East Providence, RI

Jennifer Bryan’s visit to our school was of extraordinary value for students, faculty and parents alike. Her open and authentic presentation style lends itself well to a topic that needs better understanding, particularly as schools strive to be safe and inclusive places for students and families. Through spending time with Dr. Bryan, faculty gained a better understanding of and confidence in their abilities to help students navigate the complexities of gender and sexuality. Parents who attended Dr. Bryan’s talk described her as riveting and spot-on fabulous, and left the discussion feeling that it is a wonderful time to be raising children! All constituents at our school–students, parents, and faculty–eagerly await Jennifer’s next visit.

Melanie Battistone, Assistant Head of School for Program and Philosophy, McGillis School, SLC, Utah