Engaging with issues of Gender and Sexuality Diversity in educational settings creates wonderful opportunities for learning and building community. This is a dialogue that leads to everything that matters in schools. Values. Curriculum. Policy. People.

~ Jennifer Bryan, Ph.D., Founder and Principal, Team Finch Consultants

Professional Development

We provide dynamic opportunities for learning about Gender and Sexuality Diversity. We help teachers, administrators, staff, coaches, counselors, trainees, board members, and leadership teams connect their learning to both the philosophical and practical aspects of PreK-12 education. (read more)

School Consultation

Every educational community is unique, so getting to know the schools we work with is a priority. When programs are tailored to their specific questions and concerns, people invest more deeply and enthusiastically in the learning process. (read more)

Student Programs

Kids of every age are eager to talk about themselves, family, community and relationships of all kinds. During classroom conversations, small group discussions or assemblies, students invariably reveal a mixture of wisdom and misinformation when it comes to understanding gender and sexuality. (read more)

Parent Education

We need as many thoughtful and informed adults as possible involved in supporting the healthy gender and sexuality development of our students. The partnership between home and school is critical in this effort, and educational programs about Gender and Sexuality Diversity invite greater parental involvement. (read more)


Edina Parent Communication Network

In November, Jennifer heads to Edina, Minnesota to present to their Parent Communication Network–a public school advocacy group that brings important issues to parents and educators. Her address, “Stereotypes and Healthy Gender Identity,”  is being co-sponsored by The Blake School, an independent K-12 school that is deeply committed to social justice, equity and community engagement.

Where has Jennifer been lately?

Jennifer facilitated a program at the WONDER WOMEN! Conference in Oakland, CA on July 10th.
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Why address gender and sexuality in schools?

Gender and sexual identity are central components of development for all PreK-12 children and adolescents.

Regardless of age and background, students bring their individual/collective experiences and questions about gender and sexuality to school every day.

Gender and sexuality stereotypes disrupt classrooms, recess, friendships and critical thinking. This bias undermines safety for everyone.

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Who Are You?

You are an educator invested in the healthy growth and development of children.

You are an administrator, teacher, coach, admissions officer, Education major, religious instructor, librarian, nurse, counselor, or camp director.

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Jennifer’s conversation with Jeremy LaCasse, Dean of Faculty at the Gardner Carney Leadership Institute, about the connections between Gender and Sexuality Diversity and developing student leadership.


Jennifer worked her magic with [The Madeira School] board, covering the spectrum of attitudes and knowledge about gender issues in 2016. She delivered an interactive workshop that was filled with compassion, humor, scientific information, psychology, and plain common sense. Her success with the Board led us to bring her back to address the faculty and staff in a full day workshop, covering much of the same material in more detail. Again, Jennifer worked her magic, and she helped us address stereotypes, misconceptions, and point us in the right direction regarding best practice.

In a school that has hired many consultants, and where our community—board members to faculty, staff, and parents—are demanding of high quality, I would say that Jennifer rates as one of the top people we have brought in. She certainly turned many of our more conservative board members around to the point where they have approached the issue with new compassion and understanding, and have come up with good questions, advice, and recommendations. Our faculty and staff rated her with high approval as well. We have, with Jennifer Bryan’s guidance, agreed that The Madeira School will be an inclusive community, and that we will work towards ensuring that we address each case with this philosophy in mind. I doubt if we could have reached this conclusion, which has been almost unanimous, if she had not been on campus working with us.

– Pilar Cabeza de Vaca, Head of School, The Madeira School, McLean, VA

In the winter of 2015, Dana Hall created a Task Force to start a conversation about the inclusion of transgender students in our community.  Not surprisingly, one of the conclusions reached by the Task Force was that every constituent of the community would benefit from education on the topic.  I reached out to several colleagues to obtain recommendations for just the right person to work with students, parents, faculty, and the Board of Trustees. Jennifer Bryan of Team Finch Consultants was the name that popped up most frequently, and for good reason. During the 2015-16 school year, Jennifer worked first with the Administrative Team, then with the Board of Trustees, the faculty, and the students.  With each group, Jennifer tailored her presentation to provide the most compelling presentation for each of these constituents. She is knowledgeable, articulate, and thoughtful about the ways in which she presents the issues. She is patient and has a great sense of humor.  It was a very successful start to the community’s education on gender and sexuality diversity. In fact, Jennifer will do additional work with students and parents during the 2016-17 school year.  I recommend her with great enthusiasm; she has changed the way the Dana Hall community thinks about and approaches these issues, and we are a better school as a result.

– Caroline Erisman, former Head of School, Dana Hall, Wellsley, MA

Jennifer Bryan has been the “go-to” professional for ISAS professional development sessions on gender and sexual diversity matters for a number of years. Each time, she has provided enlightening, thought-provoking, and inspiring sessions that have been well-received and appreciated. Intelligent, honorable, prepared, experienced, kind, and discerning, Jennifer employs careful listening and clinical knowledge to inform her respectful and caring engagement with people from wherever they are. She is dead-serious about the accuracy and importance of her subject matter even as she is accessible, open-minded, and refreshingly funny. Our educators have praised her ability to empower and equip them to grapple with hard topics in meaningful ways and to challenge them to view these diversity issues through the prism of their school missions. One ISAS Head had the following takeaway: “When I forget that these issues are about people, it is far too easy to get sidetracked by political, religious, historical baggage. I will remember the child’s words in the film Jennifer shared. “Love is love… don’t turn it into hate.”

– Rhonda G Durham, Executive Director, Independent Schools Association of the Southwest

After nearly half of our faculty requested to attend Jennifer’s NWAIS workshop on Gender and Sexuality Diversity in schools, we decided we needed to bring her to Northwest to speak with our whole community. Fortunately for us, Jennifer was enthusiastic about being run ragged for a marathon of almost 72 hours. She did sessions for parents, for our full faculty, for all of our international students (about 90 kids from 12 countries), for upper school grade levels, for middle school classes, for 12th grade Humanities electives – Race & Gender Studies, and Comparative Literature – and managed throughout to be so brilliant, gracious, and so unflinchingly supportive and constructively critical that the whole community looks forward to her return!

Benjamin Lee, Ed.D., Upper School Director, The Northwest School

Since 2009 Jennifer has been a plenary presenter at our Diversity Leadership Institute (DLI) formally known as the Summer Diversity Institute (SDI). NAIS produces a wide range of professional development opportunities, and we are always looking for skilled and knowledgeable presenters on a variety of topics. I can honestly say that Jennifer is one of the best presenters with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working. She never disappoints in delivering presentations that are well prepared, research based and experiential, all with a wonderful sense of humor. Jennifer helps her audience see gender and issues of sexuality through a different lens, one that is more objective and fact based. She opens up minds and creates a better understanding of sensitive issues that are often filled with emotion. In addition, she provides sound, practical advice to educators who are looking for concrete ideas to take back to their communities to help their students. I cannot say enough about Jennifer and the work she does. It has been an honor to know and work with her year after year.

Jay Rapp, Senior Director of Programs, National Association of Independent Schools

The challenge of diversity in the 21st century is to ensure that your school’s policies, curriculum, and culture reflect and embrace every member of your community. Gender identity and sexual orientation can be a particularly complex area to address, and schools that wade into this topic without guidance do so at their own risk. Fortunately, Jennifer Bryan is available to help you navigate these waters. For two years, Jennifer has effectively consulted with us at New Canaan Country School, where we teach pre-school through grade nine…As a school head with twenty-five years of experience of working on diversity issues, I am deeply impressed by Jennifer Bryan and the practical and powerful impact she has had on our institution. Teachers and trustees alike give her the highest marks. I recommend her very highly.

– Tim Bazemore, former Head of New Canaan Country School

Jennifer Bryan’s visit to our school was of extraordinary value for students, faculty and parents alike. Her open and authentic presentation style lends itself well to a topic that needs better understanding, particularly as schools strive to be safe and inclusive places for students and families. Through spending time with Dr. Bryan, faculty gained a better understanding of and confidence in their abilities to help students navigate the complexities of gender and sexuality. Parents who attended Dr. Bryan’s talk described her as riveting and spot-on fabulous, and left the discussion feeling that it is a wonderful time to be raising children! All constituents at our school–students, parents, and faculty–eagerly await Jennifer’s next visit.

– Melanie Battistone, Assistant Head of School for Program and Philosophy, McGillis School, SLC, Utah

Jennifer has been an incredibly effective, engaging collaborative partner with The Park School.  Working with faculty, students, parents, and school leaders, she effectively created open, inquiry-based conversations around complex questions. Different perspectives remained “at the table,” which helped us learn from one another.  Most importantly, Jennifer’s leadership led the community to clearly establish that the North Star of our GSD work is empathetically striving to create safe, inclusive learning and teaching environments for all of our community members: students, teachers, and parents.   Bringing expertise, experience, and a great sense of humor, Jennifer makes GSD work inspiring and fun.

—Michael Robinson, Head of School, The Park School, Brookline, MA